Tennen yukoro onsen (Hokkaido)
天然ゆころ温泉 (北海道)


Entrance fee : 600 yens
Bathing time from 14:00 to 21:00
Home page (in Japanese)
Phone : 0136-23-3434
Adress : 〒044-0081
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Spring information

Water type : chloride salts
Main spring : 64°C pH=6.8
Bath Temp : 42°C

Onsen in Hokkaido

Ashi yu (Kawayu Onsen)
Hotel New yu no kaku (Kawayu Onsen)
Onneto yu no taki (Onneto)
Tennen yukoro onsen (Niseko Hirafu)
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The outside bath in december


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Ratings   (explanation of our rating system)

Global rating :    
Niseko is one of the most famous ski resort in Japan. The resort is composed by three main parts and this onsen is situated in Niseko Hirafu. My recommendation for this place is to combine the ski and the bath.

Size :    
During the high ski season can be quite full after 16h00, a lot of people bathing before or just after the diner.

View :    
The onsen is surrounding by a quite high fence, but you can still have a glimpse over the Hokkaido mountains.

Area :      
One of the best place in the world to be sure to find fresh snow powder.


In Japan the price can vary drastically depending on the date. I went there with a very cheap plan, the trick, just choose to go there before Christmas, during the low season. I can bath alone and there was enough snow.