Daiichi (Hokkaido)
湯宿だいいち (北海道)


Entrance fee : 600 yens
Bathing time from 12:00 to 21:00
Located in a ryokan
Home page (in Japanese, with small but beautiful pictures)
Phone : 01537-8-2131
Address :
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Spring information

Water type : chloride salts
Main spring : 72°C pH=7.0
Bath Temp : 42°C

Onsen in Hokkaido

Ashi yu (Kawayu Onsen)
Hotel New yu no kaku (Kawayu Onsen)
Onneto yu no taki (Onneto)
Tennen yukoro onsen (Niseko Hirafu)
Yamada onsen hotel (Niseko Hirafu)
Daiichi (Yoroshi Onsen)
Karamatsu no yu (Yoroshi Onsen)
Kotan (Lake Kussharo)
Sunayu (Lake Kussharo)
Wakoto Onsen (Lake Kussharo)
Sandan no yu - Takimi no yu (Iwaobetsu Onsen)
Kuma no yu (Rausu)

The mixed bath is made of large stones


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Global rating :      
Finding such a beautiful ryokan in such an isolated place was completely unexpected... This large ryokan offers lots of different baths, all segregated but one. The inside baths, made of wood, are extremely pleasant, and worth soaking in them. But the most attractive ones are of course the rotenburo, located next to a river.

Size :     
Although there is not a very large baths, you will find there many small and medium-sized baths, which will let you enjoy a large variety of bathing type: from the stone-made mixed bath to a one-person hinoki bath.

View :     
A really nice view on the river.

Modesty :     
With separate changing rooms and entrance, couples can join in the outside mixed bath. Or enjoy segregated bathing, ideal for shy people. On the other shore of the river, only a steep hill is present, sheltering efficiently the baths.

Area :     
Yoroshi Onsen is located close to the Mashuko Lake, a extraordinary scenic area of Doutou (north-east of Hokkaido).


We visited this onsen during the Golden Week (first week of May) - a very busy period for traveling in Japan. Although most areas of Doutou (north-east of Hokkaido) were not crowded at all, thanks to the remoteness of the island, this ryokan was packed with guests. However, due to the large number of baths, with still could enjoy some quite soaking there.



Two men baths made of wood and located just in front of the river - other baths can be found on the upper floor...

... and this is the upper floor

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