Kotan (Hokkaido)
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Free bathing 24 hours per day!
Swimsuits used for mixed-bathing
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Spring information

Main spring : 54°C pH=7.7
Bath Temp : 40°C

Onsen in Hokkaido

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Wakoto Onsen (Lake Kussharo)
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Kuma no yu (Rausu)

Sunset in winter (one of my favorite picture)


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Global rating :      
Kotan onsen is located just next to Kussharo lake. This small bath is often called a 'half-mixed bath', as although technically women and men bath separately, they are only separated by a large stone which doesn't even cover the full length of the bath, prompting sometimes people to go from one side to another... This place is really popular, not only among tourists but also among local people.

Size :   
Due to its popularity, the bath can be quickly crowded, as its size is rather limited.

View :      
There is really great view on the lake! don't miss the sunset, a truly unique experience!

Modesty :      
Not only the bath is not effectively divided between men and women, but also people walking around often come just a couple of meters away from the bath, which is not sheltered at all. For this reason, women usually wear a swimming suit - while men don't care so much. Changing rooms are available.

Area :     
Lake Kussharo is a beautiful caldera lake located in Akan National Park. With a circumference of 57 kilometers (maximum depth of 118 meters), it is the 5th largest lake in Japan. The Wakoto peninsula is one of the nicest place around the lake, with one free rotenburo). Boat, canoes and kayaks can be rented, and are popular in summer. In winter, the lake might freeze. Close to Lake Kussharo, the town of Kawayu Onsen is a typical uninspiring japanese onsen town, which lacks the beautiful view of the nearby lake. Mt. Iou can easily be reached, and is an active 500 meters high volcano, where acid smokes and solid sulfur can be observed. Finally, the most attractive place of the area is probably Lake Mashu, a beautiful and mysterious lake with a tiny island, where Ainu gods were supposed to live; This island rises 230 meters from the bottom of the lake. The shore of the lake is kept completely wild, and only three observatory points are available. Be aware that most of the days, the lake can be hidden from the viewers by a very dense fog.


The first time we went to check this onsen, around lunch, it was so crowded that we decided to come later. We therefore visited the area, and came back just before the sunset. A couple of men were already bathing... using the women's side, too! But as son as my girlfriend and I arrived, they immediately left the women's area. A couple of tourists were also enjoying walking around, which prompted my girlfriend to use a swimming suit. I joined her in the women's half - as mentioned, it is possible to go from one side to the other without leaving the bath - and both enjoyed a great sunset, with the sight of swans on the lake, and local people talking with us.



Note the large stone separating the left women bath from the right men bath