Onneto yu no taki (Hokkaido)
Ilg[̑ (kC)


Free bathing 24 hours per day!
Swimsuits used for mixed-bathing
Phone : 01562-5-2141
Address :
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Spring information

Bath Temp : 42°C

Onsen in Hokkaido

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Other links

English site from J. Olsen, where you have an interesting pictures at night when the onsen is really crowded.

Exact location of the bath and several pictures taken in summer, in Japanese

The rotenburo in early May


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Global rating :      
This onsen is definitively one of the most beautiful around lake Akan! It is reached by car from lake Onneto - about 20 minutes - followed by a nice 1.6 km trail in the forest to reach a waterfall where a small bath has been built. This bath at the bottom of the waterfall; it is reached by climbing about 20 meters, which means that a beautiful view is offered to the visitors. This mixed bath is quite famous, and can be really crowded. Women almost always wear swim suits. At the top of the waterfall is a small pond (the waterfall itself is made of hot water); although bathing there is not allowed, the place is reached easily and there is a beautiful view on both the onsen and the forest.

Size :   
The round bath is really small, with a seat made of stone in the middle of it. It is difficult to imagine more than 6 people there at the same time... although we have seen some pictures with more people in it.

View :      
An absolutely great view is offered from the bath, on the waterfall when looking at the mountain, and on the forest on the other direction.

Modesty :   
Since many people wear swim suits, this place is really not embarrassing even for shy people. Even if there is a place to undress, it would be probably difficult to go in the water without swimsuit for most of women, not only because the onsen is very crowded, but also because the path leading to the changing room goes right next to the bath.

Area :      
Onneto is a magnificent area with one lake surrounded by mountains. In summer, many trails can be followed from the lake, heading to the surrounding summits or different places of interest - including this onsen. Also lake Akan offers plenty of options for visitors.

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View of the area around the bath, where the snow has melted due to the hot water

The tiny waterfall of hot water

The bath and the chaging rooms, from the top of the waterfall