Akazawa onsen rotenburo (Shizuoka-ken)
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Free bathing 24 hours per day!
Swimsuits used for mixed-bathing
Phone : 0557-36-0111
Address :
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This free onsen is located just next to the sea, and offers a great view on the ocean


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Global rating :   
While free outside baths are usually located in remote areas, and are very attractive, the one found in Izu are, unfortunately, usually crowded and used by people to rinse up after bathing in the sea - no need to mention that usually they keep their swimming costume to dip in the onsen. This is so far away the classical onsen culture that those baths are losing most of their interest. This onsen, too, was a deception, even though it is so nicely located next to a beach.

Size :   
Good size for 4-5 persons...

View :     
The view IS really nice... From the bath, you have a direct view on the beach and the sea. On the other side of the small bay can the Akazawa be seen on the cliff. There is a parking lot close to the bath, but it is well sheltered.

Modesty :  
No place to change, but since everybody is using a swimming costume, you better bring one too, if you intend to bath here.

Area :     
Being of the southern part of the west coast of Izu, the area is slightly less crowded than the northern part with large towns of Atami and Ito. Around this onsen, there are several small onsen town worth visiting.


Limited size - but up to 8 persons can probably soak at the same time