Fujiyoshi (Shizuoka-ken)
悵 (É)


Entrance fee : 1500 yens
Bathing time from 11:00 to 19:00
(bathing time limited to 3 hours)
Located in a ryokan
Home page (in Japanese)
Phone : 0557-51-3211
Adress : 413-0231
Maps : Mapfan - Google

Number of baths









+ 3 family bath

Spring information

Water type : sulfate salts
Main spring : 46°C pH=8.3

Onsen in Shizuoka-ken

Amagiso (Oodaru Onsen)
Dokko no Yu (Shuzenji Onsen)
Yumotokan (Yugashima Onsen)
Akazawa onsen rotenburo (Akazawa)
Hotel Ito Powell (Ito Onsen)
Fujiyoshi (Futo - Ito-City)
Ideyusou (Ishibe Onsen)
Heiroku Jizo (Matsuzaki)
Sawada Koen (Nishina)

Other prefectures in Tohokai


A luxurious ryokan, and a fabulous view on the roofs of the ryokan and... on the sea


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Global rating :      
Several great baths are found in this gorgeous but expensive ryokan (double room starts at 20'000 yens per person on week-end). Located on the heights, the sea can seen from most of the part of the ryokan, including of course the rotenburo. The buildings themselves are worth visiting, and you can have a nice lunch with the onsen for 5500 yens. Upon arrival, visitors are given a yukata and shown a map, so they can walk from one bath to another, opting either for the segregated inside baths, the main mixed rotenburo or one of the private bath.

Size :      
The main rotenburo is above the ryokan, and has a wall on one side to allow people to change behind it. Just drop your clothes in one of the available baskets and dip in the water... This large mixed bath has a rectangular shape (around 10x4 meters), and is the biggest of the available baths. If you want some privacy, just put the yukata and head for one of the family baths, which can accommodate 2-6 persons (turn the sign on the door, and the bath is yours). There is one more outside bath which is partially covered, and much less attractive. The segregated inside baths are however worth the visit, especially if you want to use some soap or shampoo.

View :      
Although the ryokan is about 1 kilometer away from the sea, due to the altitude, there is a stunning view on the shore and the ocean. Especially from the largest mixed bath, you can stay for a long time just watching at the horizon - seeing the scenery becoming dark in the evening is really nice.

Modesty :     
Due to the distance between the baths (you might have to walk 2-3 minutes to go from the inside bath to the rotenburo, for example), visitors are asked to wear the yukata provided by the ryokan. The easiest is to leave your clothes in the inside changing room, and just walk around in yukata. Women will find some places to change from the yukata to a large bath towel, but should you be a little too shy, the private baths are offering excellent alternatives to the konyoku.

Area :    
The west coast of Izu is very popular, and tend to be crowded, especially in summer and during holidays. There are however many things to do in the area, from water sports and beach to onsen.

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Baths are really large, and several kashikiri are also available at no extra cost

The access to the largest bath - a bigger one is now under construction

Beautiful in the evening, too