Dokko no Yu (Shizuoka-ken)
ƌ؂̓ (É)


Free bathing 24 hours per day!
Located in a ryokan
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Phone : 0558-72-2501
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This bath, in the middle of the town, is now only for your feet!


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Global rating :    
If you visit Shuzenji Onsen, you will sooner or later notice this bath! It is in the middle of the river, in the middle of the town, surrounded by some very nice ryokan. Although the location is nice and the place attractive, it was almost impossible to soak there: there was no privacy at all! In 2007, the whole town has restaured and is now really attractive - and this bath has become a foot bath, for the pleasure of all bypassers...

Size :   
Rather small... but just fine to soak your feet!

View :     
From the bath, you get a nice view on the ryokan, the river and part of the city...

Modesty :      

Area :    
Shuzenji is a historic onsen town, with its ryokan and shops standing along the town's main river. The Shuzenji Temple is a nice place to visit, as well as the shore of the river. The town is located in nice, green surroundings, and has really been well restaured in 2007, becoming a rather popular spot. Enjoy the bamboo wood, have a traditional matcha (green tea) on the shore of the river, or visit the public bath... You will not regret spending a couple of hours there.