Heiroku Jizo (Shizuoka-ken)
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Free bathing 24 hours per day!
Swimsuits used for mixed-bathing
Home page (Official web site of Matsuzaki (link to the onsen available - with little information, though) - in Japanese)
Phone : 0558-42-0745
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Heiroku Jizo (Matsuzaki)
Sawada Koen (Nishina)

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Small picture of the bath (from the Matsuzaki web site)


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Global rating :  
An unappealing place to bath... Located close to the beach, but without any view on it, this bath serves mostly as a place to get washed a little after swimming in the sea. Everybody keep its swimsuit on, and just dip in the bath - there is no shower to get clean first anyway! The most interesting in this onsen is its legend. It is said that a man named Heiroku, whose child was taken away to the sea by a big wave, sat on this place and refused to eat as he was grieving the death of his child. Later, after his own death, villagers built a Jizo statue there.

Size :    
Average size - only one bath.

View :  
The bath is sheltered by a large wall - for what reason? The only result is to remove any nice view for the bathers.

Modesty :      
No place to change, but probably it is not a problem if you dip in the water wearing a swimming suit.

Area :      
The area around Kumomi is very attractive. Located very south on the west coast of Izu, it is seldom visited by daily tourists, and therefore is a very calm place, with both the sea and the mountains to enjoy. In particular, beautiful diving spots are found there, just a couple kilometers south of Dogashima.

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