Sawada Koen (Shizuoka-ken)
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Entrance fee : 500 yens
Bathing time from 07:00 to 19:00
(closed Tuesday, longer in Summer)
Phone : 0558-52-0057
Address :
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Spring information

Main spring : 57°C pH=8.8
Bath Temp : 40°C

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Global rating :      
This onsen could be the one with the best view on the sea! Located directly on a cliff, it overlooks the ocean! Finding the onsen can be a little tricky if you do not know the exact location - and there is no indication to reach the place. You will need to reach the fishermen's harbor just south of Dogashima bay, and drive to the end of it. From there, you can seen a parking lot: the entrance of the onsen... Keep in mind that this onsen can be really popular: at sunset, it is usually only a standing bath!

Size :  
The two segregated baths (one of men, one for women) are really small... They can host (comfortably) up to 6 persons. Unfortunately, there are often much more people in the water, plus a couple of other waiting in the changing room...

View :      
Baths are surrounded by two fences and the changing room, but the fourth side of the rectangle is an open view on the ocean! Since the bath is on the top of a cliff, the view is really breathtaking, especially during the sunset. The islands of the Dogashima bay are in full view... as well as the boats carrying the tourists around those islands.

Area :     
Nishi Izu is a great place for scuba diving, offering stunning sceneries. Highly recommended destination. Due to the lack of public transportations (only car and buses can reach the area), the place is much less crowded than the east coast of Izu.

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A picture taken during another visit... when the bath was less crowded