Kiyashiki (Kumamoto-ken)
樹やしき (熊本県)


Entrance fee : 500 yens
Bathing time from 08:30 to 21:00
Located in a ryokan
Home page (very nice web site with many pictures, but entirely in Japanese)
Phone : 0967-44-0326
Adress : 〒869-2402
Maps : Google

Number of baths










+ 2 family bath

baths are switched between men and women at 7 pm

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Kiyashiki (Kurokawa Onsen)
Oku no Yu (Kurokawa Onsen)

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official web site of Kurokawa; although only in Japanese, provides lots of information including all onsen and ryokan (with pictures and prices, respectively) as well as a good map; in Kurokawa Onsen, you can find an excellent pamphlet with pictures made

Large mixed outside bath, with a small waterfall


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Global rating :     
This modern and comfortable ryokan is an excellent address in Kurokawa; it is located a little out of the center, so you will need to take your car or ask the front desk for a lift if you want to visit other baths or have a look at the center of the town. Rooms are very spacious, and food - usually served in your room - is excellent. There are also some more expensive private bungalows. Finally, there is a variety of very pleasant baths, which unfortunately are very sheltered and with almost no view. Plus two kashikiri rotenburo, private baths that you can reserve either 1 hour in the evening, or 30 minutes in the morning.

Size :     
There are two series of baths - one of the left side and one of the right side - which eventually lead to a mixed rotenburo at their ends. One side is for women, and the other for men; however, the attribution changes in the early evening, so you probably will try both sides if you overnight in this ryokan. The left side consists of one outside baths: a very small one plus another one which is so deep that you can stand in it. The right side is more interesting, with an inside bath and a outside one. The konyoku is the largest bath: there is a small waterfall, and stones to sit just under it.

View :   
While the left and right baths are surrounded by wall, the konyoku is also surrounded by some walls. There is a nicer impression in that bath, but still no view to enjoy - except the one of the dark sky during the night. Note that the kashikiri baths have an interesting view on a nearby river.

Modesty :     
Both men and women enter the mixed bath from their segregated ones - definitively a place to try mixed bathing, even if you are a little shy.

Area :      
Kurokawa Onsen is a unique onsen town in Japan. Most of people who enjoy onsen get disappointed with onsen town, as all of them tend to have the same faults... however great the water is, you usually find yourself surrounded by huge concrete hotel; and even when old houses where kept in such town, they very often are surrounded by pachinko parlors. In Kurokawa Onsen, you will find no ugly hotel, no pachinko, no convenience shop and... no karaoke! Even better, there are almost no car in the center of the town and you can walk around wearing yukata. For those who have tried lots of onsen, go visit this unique place: you will not regret it.

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One of the outside bath seen from inside (this bath is either for men, either for women)

One of the two family baths - guests can enjoy it once during their stay, either in the evening or in the morning

Inside of the ryokan...