Oku no Yu (Kumamoto-ken)
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Entrance fee : 500 yens
Bathing time from 08:30 to 21:00
Located in a ryokan
Home page (very graphic web site with many pictures, but navigation is quite difficult (and only in Japanese))
Phone : 0967-44-0021
Adress : 869-2402
Maps : Google

Number of baths









+ 3 family bath

including a mixed cave bath; plus an inside swimming pool (for guests)

Spring information

Main spring : 90°C

Onsen in Kumamoto-ken

Hozantei (Kurokawa Onsen)
Kiyashiki (Kurokawa Onsen)
Oku no Yu (Kurokawa Onsen)

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Other links

official web site of Kurokawa; although only in Japanese, provides lots of information including all onsen and ryokan (with pictures and prices, respectively) as well as a good map; in Kurokawa Onsen, you can find an excellent pamphlet with pictures made

The largest mixed bath - picture taken from a small cave bath nearby


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Global rating :      
Nice ryokan, which is a little isolated by can still be reached by foot from the center of the town. Its baths are located just next to a river, in quiet surroundings. Apart from the segregated inside baths - which are not very appealing - there is a large mixed outdoor bath, a small one located just next to the river and a small cave bath.

Size :     
The largest bath is really pleasant - and is partially covered by a roof. The two other baths (including the cave one) are quiet small, and can probably accommodate at most 4-5 persons. Especially the closest bath to the river can get crowded.

View :     
From the small bath, the river comes in full view; there is also a nearby waterfall. Virtually no building can be seen from the bath, which is extremely pleasant. It would be perfect, if only the large black pipes which are bringing the hot water to the baths would not be so visible: they are running along the river, while it would had been so easy to hide them a little...

Modesty :     
Separate inside baths and changing rooms are available. This ryokan seems to be favored by couples, so chances that a woman will not be alone among men are high...

Area :      
Kurokawa Onsen is a unique onsen town in Japan. Most of people who enjoy onsen get disappointed with onsen town, as all of them tend to have the same faults... however great the water is, you usually find yourself surrounded by huge concrete hotel; and even when old houses where kept in such town, they very often are surrounded by pachinko parlors. In Kurokawa Onsen, you will find no ugly hotel, no pachinko, no convenience shop and... no karaoke! Even better, there are almost no car in the center of the town and you can walk around wearing yukata. For those who have tried lots of onsen, go visit this unique place: you will not regret it.

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A small bath located just next to the river