Oomaru Onsen Ryokan (Tochigi-ken)
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Entrance fee : 1000 yens
Bathing time from 10:00 to 15:00
Located in a ryokan
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Phone : 0287-76-3050
Address :
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Number of baths









+ 1 family bath

Spring information

Main spring : 77°C pH=7.1

Onsen in Tochigi-ken

Ichiryuukaku honkan (Kawaji Onsen)
Oomaru Onsen Ryokan (Nasu)
Meotobuchi Onsen Hotel (Meotobuchi)
Hatcho yu (Okukinu Onsen)
Kani yu (Okukinu Onsen)
Nikkozawa (Okukinu Onsen)
Shirakaba (Arayu Onsen)
Yumori Tanakaya (Oami Onsen)
Fudo no yu (Shiobara)
Hito no yado (Shiobara)
Iwa no yu (Shiobara)
Honke Bankyu Bankyu Ryokan (Yunishigawa)
Kitanoyu Ryokan (Nasu)
Momiji no Yu ()
Yuppo no Sato (Shiobara)
Azumaya (Shiobara)
Warakuyuen (Shiobara)
(Arayu Onsen)

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The largest outside bath has no view, but is still pleasant


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Global rating :    
This modern and tasty ryokan is quite famous for its onsen, and often busy with people coming just for bathing. It is also located not to far from ski resorts, and popular in winter.

Size :     
Of the three mixed outside baths, the largest one is almost completely surrounded by the walls of the ryokan itself; following the river upstream, there is a second, rather small bath, which is just 2-3 meter wide. This bath is probably the less interesting, but is you walk along it, and climb some stairs, you will reach the third and last bath, which is formed directly by the stream of the river! Indeed, here, it is the river itself which is hot, and the more you advance, the hotter the water! Unfortunately, the river is just flowing under a wooden wall, and it is impossible to see where the river is coming from. If you walk around the ryokan, you might even be able to bath directly in that river...

View :   
The only thing really lacking in those baths is a view... All of the outside baths are surrounded either by the ryokan, by trees or by walls... This is probably to protect the bathers from people walking around, but at the same time prevent bathers to see anything...

Modesty :     
There are two nice outside baths for women, which are also well sheltered. However, bathers of both sexes are usually enjoying the mixed baths.

Area :    
Even though Nasu Kogen is located at the boundary with Fukushima-ken, it is still readily accessible from Tokyo - about 1 hour by shinkansen. Indeed, the area can get crowded, especially in summer when the heat prompt people from the capital to head for mountainous areas. One of the big attraction of Nasu Kogen are the onsen, located along the Volcano Highway (a pay road). Alternatively, you can also enjoy many trails in the mountains.


This bath is farther from the buildings, and also less crowded; the hot water is flowing like a river

Inside male bath, with a view on the outside co-ed one

The ryokan is quite nice, and located close to ski fields