Hatcho yu (Tochigi-ken)


Entrance fee : 500 yens
Bathing time from 09:00 to 15:00
Located in a ryokan
Home page (in Japanese)
Phone : 0288-96-0306
Adress : 321-2717
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Spring information

Water type : chloride salts
Main spring : 52°C pH=7.1
total flow from all springs : 188 L/min

Onsen in Tochigi-ken

Ichiryuukaku honkan (Kawaji Onsen)
Oomaru Onsen Ryokan (Nasu)
Meotobuchi Onsen Hotel (Meotobuchi)
Hatcho yu (Okukinu Onsen)
Kani yu (Okukinu Onsen)
Nikkozawa (Okukinu Onsen)
Shirakaba (Arayu Onsen)
Yumori Tanakaya (Oami Onsen)
Fudo no yu (Shiobara)
Hito no yado (Shiobara)
Iwa no yu (Shiobara)
Honke Bankyu Bankyu Ryokan (Yunishigawa)
Kitanoyu Ryokan (Nasu)
Momiji no Yu ()
Yuppo no Sato (Shiobara)
Azumaya (Shiobara)
Warakuyuen (Shiobara)
(Arayu Onsen)

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Bus schedule from Kinugawa onsen to Okukinu onsen (in Japanese)

A truly scenic view


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Global rating :      
Very strange fact, the wood used to build this ryokan directly was imported from Canada.

Size :     
Perfect arrangement of baths with different shapes and view, and still enough place to accommodate everybody.

View :     
If you like to watch at a small river sitting inside a bath next to a waterfall, this onsen is for you.

Modesty :    
All the outside baths are mixed, but no roads around from where people could watch at you. The size and shape of the baths are also great to have a little privacy. Women have to change in the same room as men, but a curtain reserves a small surface of that room for them.

Area :    
The Okukinu Onsen area is called the home of secret spas. Haccho No Yu, Teshirosawa, Kaniyu and Nikkozawa are some of the hot springs located within this wild area, which is partly accessible only by foot. Should you have time, and provided that you spend one night in one of those ryokan, you can walk from Okukinu Onsen to Oze marshland, an incredible marsh located at an altitude of about 2000 meters. The whole area is designated as a National Treasure; indeed, the marshland and can be extremely crowded from June to September, and is better visited later in the year.

   Visit the Secret Japan forum for a guide of Okukinu


My friend and I are usually drinking sake in the onsen (if we don't have drive, of course). However, that time, we decided to go for a sweet, sweet european wine... I can say it's also great to enjoy wine while soaking!



The bath located close to the waterfall

Ashi no yu - bath for feet

Foreigners enjoying wine instead of sake in the bath!

View from the top bath, next to the waterfall