Manten (Kagoshima-ken)
まんてん (鹿児島県)


Entrance fee : 1500 yens
Bathing time from 10:30 to 22:30
Located in a ryokan
Internet : Home page
Phone : 0997-43-5751
Adress : 〒891-4207
Maps : Google

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Onsen in Kagoshima-ken

Manten (Yakushima Airport)
Yudomari Onsen (Yudomari)
Kaichu Onsen (Hirauchi)
Ryokan Shoen (Kirishima Onsen)
Ebino Kogen-so (Ebino Kogen)
Ebino Kogen Rotenburo (Ebino Kogen)

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One of the outside baths at Manten - a confortable ryokan offering a perfect setting after a day of hiking in Yakushima


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Global rating :     
A modern ryokan built in 2006 (?), located just in front of the airport (limited air traffic and almost no disturbance at all). At the entrance, both guests and visitors leave their shoes in small lockers and walk around all buildings barefoot, on a very nice wooden floor. The normal rooms are relatively small (18 m2) and without any good view; their more expensive "Slow House" are circular buildings which contains a tamami flooring and can accomodate 2-6 guests - they might not be worth the extra charge, especially considering that you have to walk outside to reach the rooms, which can be a problem is it is raining a lot). Still, I would recommend this place if you are searching an accomodation in the area, as the breakfast buffet is good, the onsen great and the overall value for money high.

Size :     
Onsen are segregated. There is a long inside bath, as well as a very small bath of cold (22 degrees) water next to the dry and mist saunas. Outside baths are more attractive, with a long bath under the roof of fthe building , a smaller wooden bath also under a wooden roof - perfect for 2-6 persons - and two tiny individual baths.

View :   
There is unfortunately limited view on the suroundings, with the building on one side and some fences around. Still, the tall trees around the ryokan are in full view and provides a relaxing feeling.

Area :      
Yakushima is a rather large island located south of Kyushu, and accessible from Kagoshima by plane, jetfoil or ferry. The island is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, mostly for its old forest covering the largest part of this mountainous island. Yakushima has a sub-tropical climate and enjoys relatively warm water on its shore; on the other hand, this is one of the most rainy place in Japan! Even though, most visitors enjoy walking in the forest, trekking to its summits, swimming in the sea or diving, and of course soaking in the onsen!