Ryokan Shoen (Kagoshima-ken)
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Day-trip visit not allowed
Located in a ryokan
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Phone : 0995-78-2511
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+ 2 family bath

Spring information

Main spring : 60°C pH=5.5

Onsen in Kagoshima-ken

Manten (Yakushima Airport)
Yudomari Onsen (Yudomari)
Kaichu Onsen (Hirauchi)
Ryokan Shoen (Kirishima Onsen)
Ebino Kogen-so (Ebino Kogen)
Ebino Kogen Rotenburo (Ebino Kogen)

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The ryokan has a segregated rotenburo on the roof, with a limited view on the surrounding forest


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Global rating :    
Unlike many ryokan/hotels in Kirishima, the Ryokan Shoen is a rather small construction; this is under the standard of the town, as it still is a 5-stories concrete building... The rooms are very pleasant, with even a small irori in each of them. The public bath is on the last floor, and has a view on the forest around... and the new road being constructed at the time of the visit (Oct. 2007) - this road will probably pass very close to the ryokan, so keep in mind that Shoen might not be so quiet in the future. Prices start at 14000 yen per person with 2 meals.

Size :   
Segregated baths include an indoor and outdoor one - the outdoor is large enough for a ryokan of this size, especially since you might be alone most of the time (there is an outdoor private bath on each floor, and the most expensive rooms have their own rotenburo). You will note the large amount of sulfur in the water, which leaves characteristic yellow traces.

View :    
The view on the forest is pleasant, but to block the view on the bath from the road, fences are surrounding men soaking who just have some windows to enjoy the view... The view on the women's side is much better!

Area :   
Kirishima Onsen is one of the most famous onsen town in Kyushu. While the town itself is not bad, with a mountain stream and a pedestrian path along it, a large public bath and several small shops, it suffers the usual problem of onsen towns in Japan: buildings are either really big or ugly. In Kirishima, they are simply huge, and several of them must have hundreds of rooms. So whereever you are in the town, you have those concrete constructions right under your nose. Nature lovers will prefer to spend time around Ebino Kogen, which offers fantastic treks on the surrounding mountains... if the weather is not too bad.


The bath is obviously filled with sulfur water

There is also a small inside bath