Chikurin-in (Nara-ken)
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Bathing time 24 hours per day!
Located in a ryokan
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Phone : 07463-2-8081
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Water type : carbon dioxide

Onsen in Nara-ken

Kongo no yu (Gojo)
Yamabatoyu (Irinoha Onsen (?))
Chikurin-in (Yoshino)
Taki no yu (Totsugawa)
Sakoya (Yoshino Onsen)

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Chikurin-in is an extremely beautiful - and expensive - ryokan, which used to be a temple known as Tsubakiyama Temple. Well situated close to the temples of Yoshino, it features a beautiful garden of 33'000m2 (which can be visited for a small 300 yens fee, even if you don't want to take a bath there). The Emperor Hirohito stays with his wife at this ryokan.

Size :   
The outside bath is rather small - but rarely crowded.

View :     
Since the bath is located on a kind of large balcony, if offers a great view on the forest of sakura tree beneath it. Especially impressive during cherry blossom, in April.

Area :     
The Yoshino area, located in the center of Nara prefecture, covers the northern part of Kii Mountains and the areas along the Yoshinogawa river. The most famous spot is the Yoshinoyama mountain, which is literally covered with over 30,000 cherry trees - and often considered as the best place to enjoy hanami - cherry blossom viewing - in Japan. Kinpusenji temple, a huge wooden temple, is an important sanctuary on the mountain, and the starting point of a famous pilgrim. The whole area, which is barely visited by foreign tourists, is a great place to go for mountain and onsen lovers.

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