Nabeyama no Yu (Oita-ken)
R̓ (啪)


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Kaihin Sunaba (Beppu)
Nabeyama no Yu (Beppu)
Hoyoland (Beppu)

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An small onsen lost in the mountain


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Global rating :    
Considered as a "secret onsen", this bath is quite isolated. You will need a car to reach it - and still there is a 10-15 minutes walk from the parking lot. As many hidden rotenburo, you might enjoy a lot this onsen if you are alone, but it could be quite unpleasant if other bathers are there, too. Anyway, the view itself is worth the short trip from Beppu. And print a map with the location of the bath, it is easy to get lost (if you can find the parking lot, you will find the bath)/

Size :  
Two very small baths, just mend to accommodate 1-2 persons each.

View :     
A stunning view on the surroundings: the mountain on one side, and the forest on the other... and the town of Beppu, as well as the sea, can be seen if the weather is clear.

Modesty :  
No changing room (obviously !), no place to hide, and not a lot of space to bath... However, chances are high that you will be alone there, so probably there is no reason to feel embarrassed.

Area :     
Located on the north-east shore of Kyushu, Beppu is one of Japan's most famous hot spring towns. It is also one of the most popular one. Apart of visiting onsen, there are also very interesting hot spring discharges that can be seen, which are called the "hells" of Beppu