Kaihin Sunaba (Oita-ken)
Cl (啪)


Entrance fee : 780 yens
Bathing time from 08:30 to 18:00
(from November to March: 9:00 to 17:00)
Home page (some information in Japanese from the official web site of Beppu)
Phone : 0977-66-5737
Address :
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not really a bath! people are just burried in hot sand...

Spring information

Main spring : 70°C pH=8.0

Onsen in Oita-ken

Kaihin Sunaba (Beppu)
Nabeyama no Yu (Beppu)
Hoyoland (Beppu)

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Laying in hot sand... in front of the beach!


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Global rating :     
This can't really be called an 'onsen', but since it is found in one of the most famous onsen town - and very related to it - we decided to add it here, too... Here you can take a "sand bath": the sand is heated by the underground, so you a similar sensation as in a normal onsen!

Size :     
The large, artificial rectangular shaped surface (20 x 6 meters) is filled with sand - and covered to protected you from sun... or rain.

View :    
The sand bathing area is located in front of the beach, so you have a direct view on the sea - although this is not the best seaside scenery of the area...

Modesty :      
No problem: clothes are used!

Area :     
Located on the north-east shore of Kyushu, Beppu is one of Japan's most famous hot spring towns. It is also one of the most popular one. Apart of visiting onsen, there are also very interesting hot spring discharges that can be seen, which are called the "hells" of Beppu