Tamagawa Onsen (Akita-ken)
ʐ쉷 (Hc)



Entrance fee : 600 yens
Bathing time from 08:45 to 18:00
(until 16:00 in winter)
Located in a hotel
Home page (in Japanese)
Phone : 0187-58-3000
Adress : 014-1205
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Spring information

Water type : simple acid
Main spring : 98°C pH=1.2
Bath Temp : 39-44°C

Onsen in Akita-ken

Goshogake Onsen (Hachimantai plateau)
Tamagawa Onsen (Hachimantai plateau)
Tazawako kogen resort hotel ne (Mizusawa Onsen)
Tsuru no yu (Nyuto Onsen)

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The free outside bath.


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Global rating :      
One of the most famous onsen in Japan, Tamagawa has the most acidic water in the country, with a apring at a pH of 1.1! It is also the single spring with the largest flow (8000-12000 L/min). Access to the onsen is made by bus or car from the Tazawako station, but it is also possible to come from the east (Hachimantai area in Morioka-ken) or from the north (Aomori-ken). The ryokan is large, there are often several buses in front of the entrance, and the parking is huge... Just next to the ryokan is a small "Nature Trail" which brings visitors to the spring itself, gushing to form a very hot stream. Nearby, a lot of volcanic activity can be observed. There are always lots of people laying on small mats on the floor, as the area contains a significant amount of radioactive radium with seems to have curative properties... at least for the Japanese! Most of people stay there for a week for a cure. You can also find a free mixed rotenburo with a splendid view... in the middle of the nature trail (basically, nobody baths there).

Size :     
Soakers enter in the rather modern and uninspiring ryokan to find a huge annex, entirely in wood, where the bathing takes place. In this long building, there are several baths at different temperatures, from 39 to 46 degrees. There are also showers and two individual steam baths. You can also choose the onsen water content; most baths contain 50% of onsen water, but there is one with only onsen water (the most acidic one); don't try to enter there with a cut or bruise, and be careful not to get any water in your eyes... You can also drink some water from the spring... but don't forget to dilute it with 5 volumes of normal water!.

View :      

Modesty :  
The free rotenburo is perfect if you are not shy at all, it's situated just in the middle of trekking road and you can be sure to be observed by lots of persons. It is almost only use for the feet!

Area :      
There is a nice trek to do from Tamagawa Onsen to Goshogake Onsen (see Goshogake Onsen)


I bath in the 100% natural from the source, and I can tell you, if you have any kind of scar, it hurts a lot. I think very efficient to clean the skin.



Vapor bath, you can lay on the warm soil.

Where the water comes from, 9800 l/min, strongest flow in Japan.