Tenzan (Kanagawa-ken)
VR (_ސ쌧)


Entrance fee : 1000 yens
Bathing time from 09:00 to 23:00
Located in a ryokan
Home page (one of the most esthetic page I have seen...)
Phone : 0460-6-4126
Adress : 250-0312
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Spring information

Water type : chloride salts
Main spring : 67°C pH=8.3
second spring : 44°C, pH=9.7

Onsen in Kanagawa-ken

Tenzan (Hakone)

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Tenzan onsen is reached by bus (or taxi) - a short 10-minutes journey from the train station. This nice, large ryokan has several segregated baths with hot water. Some of them are placed one belong the other, forming thus an artificial waterfall (the higher you go, the warmer the water). It also has a cold water bath, as well as an old fashioned sauna: just put some salt on your body, and enter the small structure located close to the bath and lay or sit down... until the temperature just is unbearable!

Size :     
While the baths forming the waterfall are rather small, there are also some larger one, including a half-covered one. There is also a tatami area in the changing room - but opened toward the baths - where you can take a small nap.

View :  
Since the baths are located between a wooden hill and the walls of the ryokan, the view is limited... at least, the surroundings are rather green.

Area :      
Is it really necessary to present Hakone? Probably the most famous spot - and most visited one - close to Tokyo. Can be really crowded, and very nice when visitors are not too numerous.

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A resting room offers a nice place to relax, just in front of the baths