Hamanoyu (Tokyo-to)
l̓ (s)


Entrance fee : 400 yens
Bathing time from 13:00 to 19:00
(from 11:00 in July and August)
Swimsuits used for mixed-bathing
Home page (very limited information, from the official web site of the island (and in Japanese only))
Phone : 04992-2-1446
Adress : 100-0101
Maps : Google

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Spring information

Main spring : 54°C pH=6.5
Bath Temp : 40°C

Onsen in Tokyo-to

Oshima Onsen Hotel (Oshima)
Hamanoyu (Oshima)
Ashitsuki (Shikinejima)
Jinata (Shikinejima)

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Global rating :     
This is one of the most popular onsen of the island, not to be confused with Gojinka Onsen (with an indoor pool, 04992-2-0909, 9:00-21:00, 1000 yens). It is located at a walking distance from Motomachi Port, one of the two harbors where ships are arriving from Tokyo. Very popular among visitors, who can enjoy a bath in hot fresh water after swimming in the sea, or even a last dip on the island before taking their boat back to Tokyo. The segregated changing rooms have showers with soap, but no shampoo is available - bring your own.

Size :     
Large bath with an original shape, which can accommodate dozens of visitors.

View :     
Overlooking the sea and the harbor, the view is really attractive. Of course, most of the installations seen from here (like the jetty) are made of concrete, but still there is a feeling of dominating the whole area.

Modesty :      
Swimming costume and mandatory in this onsen, which seems to be quite usual for the onsen on Izu islands. It is a little pity, as the whole experience looks more like a swimming pool, but it might be due to the presence of a lot of young people, who are rather reluctant to disrobe in mixed onsen.

Area :      
Biggest of the Izu islands, with a circumference of 52 km, Oshima is also the most accessible of those islands: it takes just 1h45 by jetfoil, and 6h15 by ferry (traveling overnight to go there). Many interesting spots make Oshima a great destination for the week-end. The island is dominated by Miharayama, one of the biggest active volcano in the world, which reaches an altitude of 764 meters; other attractions include a nice zoo, the Tsubaki Camelia Garden (this flower being the symbol of Ooshima), Habu-Minato (a small fishing harbor south of the island), the beaches and of course the onsen.

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