Fujihokuroku onsen (Yamanashi-ken)
富士眺望の湯 ゆらり (山梨県)


Entrance fee : 1200 yens
Bathing time from 10:00 to 22:00
Located in a hotel
Home page (in Japanese)
Phone : 0555-85-3126
Adress : 〒401-0300
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Number of baths










+ 7 family bath

including a "cave bath"

Spring information

Main spring : 31°C pH=7.6
Bath Temp : 34-44°C

Onsen in Yamanashi-ken

Fujihokuroku onsen (Fujihokuroku)
Unposo (Sakeishi Onsen)
Akaishi (Akaishi onsen)

Other prefectures in Koushinetsu-Hokuriku


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list of onsen from which you can see the Fujisan (in Japanese and English)

From the small wooden bath, the Fuji-san can be easily observed


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Global rating :    
A very popular onsen, which can get really crowded on week-ends.

Size :     
Many baths, which include 3 enoki baths on the second floor (for 1-2 persons), a large rotenburo and a smaller bath in which aroma are added, a cave bath, a sauna and some inside baths.

View :    
Although the Fuji-san is really close, its view is unfortunately hidden by fences, although it seems that nobody can see the baths from outside, anyway! This is quite disappointing, but if you carefully choose the place to bath, you might be able to see a part of the famous mountain... Since the hotel is quite large, and the baths almost in the middle of it, the view is otherwise not so appealing.

Area :     
Fujigoko - the Fuji Five Lakes - region is located at the foot of Fujisan, at about 1000 meters above the see. It is famous for its view on the mountain, and of course for the five lakes: Kawaguchiko is located close to the city of Fuji-Yoshida, and is easily accessible, as well as the Lake Yamanaka. If you prefer to see less developed areas, then head off for the smaller lakes Sai, Shoji and Motosu - you will then need a car. Another interesting attraction is the Fujikyu Highlands, an amusement park with a n incredible roller coaster.


The largest bath is an outside one, with a nice gradient of temperature.

A famous view of the Fuji-san, taken not from the onsen but from a nearby lake