Ryokan Ontake (Gifu-ken)
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Entrance fee : 1000 yens
Bathing time from 13:00 to 15:30
Located in a ryokan
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Phone : 0576-62-2124
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Spring information

Main spring : 46°C pH=6.6

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Global rating :   
Located at an altitude of 1800 meters, this hotel is one of the rare buildings found in Nigorigo Onsen - a small, seriously isolated onsen village. This onsen has an interesting reddish water, and could be enjoyable but for three things: 1) the village being isolated, access to this onsen is difficult; 2) the opening hours for daily visitors (only 2.5 hours per day) are really inconvenient; 3) the bath itself should be arranged to hide some of the man-made stuff seen from the bath. With all those issues together, it is probably not the best destination in Gifu-ken...

Size :    
While segregated bath are located at the hotel's level, you will need to go down toward the river to find the konyoku (mixed bath). That rotenburo has the shape of two circle joined together. It is large enough for at least 10 bathers.

View :   
Although located close to the river, there is no way to see it from the bath... or from around the bath! The configuration of the place is so that the bath is nested almost directly below the cliff, and there is only limited view from the onsen. The only things you really see clearly from the bath are a couple of pipes... and some metallic structures!

Modesty :    
Modern segregated changing room are just next to the bath. Furthermore, you are sure that no one will see you from outside the bath!

Area :  
There is a ski resort in the town. Apart of that, and some hiking, activities seems really limited. This is obviously a place to get away from the stress of the cities...


Picture taken from inside the mixed bath

Although the mixed bath is quite close to the river, you will need to go out of the water to see the