Kagoshima (Kagoshima-ken) [E]

#1:  Kagoshima (Kagoshima-ken) [E] Author: Tarto

Location : Kagoshima (鹿児島)
Prefecture : Kagoshima-ken (鹿児島県)
Attractions : the proximity of Sakurajima volcano, but also of Yakushima island and the Kirishima national parc makes this city an entry gate for all nature lovers

Senganen (仙巌園)
Opening hours : 8:30 - 17:30
Price : 1000 yen

Internet : Kagoshima Travel Guide


Kagoshima Chuo train station


Kagoshima train station




Ibusuki Onsen

With approximately 600000 inhabitants, Kagoshima is the largest city in south Kyushu. Because of its bay location, warm climate and presence of nearby Sakurajima, it is often compared to Naples, one of its sister cities. That said, I know Naples and the comparison stops there.

As I live in Nagoya, a two million people city, I try to get a change of scenery whenever I travel and therefore spent less than a day in Kagoshima itself. However, I had a great first impression and if it were better located, I could probably even live there. Tourists usually come to visit Sakurajima, or go down to the southern islands.

The main attraction is Senganen (仙巌園), a beautiful Japanese style garden offering great views of the volcano.

Image 1418   Image 1419   Image 1420   Image 1421

Image 1422   Image 1423   Image 1424   Image 1425

There is a "Culture street" in the center but I have no clue where the name comes from, as it has almost nothing but snacks!

Image 1426   Image 1427

From Kagoshima, I went to Ibusuki for half a day, a small beach town famous for its sand baths.

I couldn't wait to lie on the beach, body covered with hot sand, listening to the sounds of the lapping waves...

...But then I had a reality check: first, I expected to actually be on the beach, not under tents specially fitted out for that purpose, and contrary to what is skillfully suggested by some advertisings.

Image 1428   Image 1429

But the real problem was the noise: well, the waves could be heard...sometimes, when their sound wasn't drowned out by the shoveling, announcements, noisy children and parent reprimands...I was actually more stressed when I left than when I arrived!

Image 1430

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