#1:  Ryoken/Onsen Author: bobchic

I have found this Ryoken


Which appears to be pretty alright.

I am looking for one that allows men and women together as I am going with my BF.

I would like to know if there are any others that are available at around the same price, with food included.

I would prefer a traditional Ryoken. Off the beaten track is no issue for myself and will only add to the experience.

A place with great views and serenty would be preferred.

We have 19 days in Japan and starting in Osaka, then to Tokyo, Nagano and then down to Hiroshima.

Any ideas for the Northern part of Japan would be great as we havnt come across anything in that area as yet.

Links to sites would be great. As well as any personal experience there. I dont mind if no english is spoken as Im there for their culture not mine!!

Thanks so much!!

#2:   Author: sanji

This ryokan is in the heart of the Jigokudani area - see this guide, in French, for extra details : http://www.secret-japan.com/forum/jigokudani-yaen-koen-%28nagano-ken%29-t496.html

The area is extremely famous for its monkeys, which have their own private where they are taken in pictures by hundred of tourists every day... The problem is that those tourists have a direct view on the rotenburo of the ryokan you are talking about, making it much less atmospheric than it looks on the pictures.

If you are interested in wilder ryokan with mixed baths, I would suggest checking on www.secret-japan.com/onsen where you can search onsen by features, including selecting those that are co-ed.

Some onsen/ryokan I like :
Gunma-ken (close to Tokyo, less hidden places)
Tochigi-ken (excellent if you want to stay in nature)
Northern Tohoku (if you really want to go wild)

But there are many others on that web site...

#3:   Author: bobchic

Thanks so much for the reply

Figuring out where Onsens and Ryoken are is a bit difficult due to not having a good sense of direction and no idea about Japan.

So thank you very much for your input.

Any other ideas you think are worthwhile please add them as you think of them.


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