Suggestions for onsen in Ise or Mie-ken?

#1:  Suggestions for onsen in Ise or Mie-ken? Author: flyregionaljets

Hello to all,

First time post on secret-japan...great website! I am currently traveling in Japan with my family (wife is Nihonjin), like many, we love to
go to onsens. We are looking for a great onsen/ryokan in Ise or somewhere in Mie-ken. We
are in search of the ultimate lobster sashimi/onsen experience (they tell me Ise is known for Lobster)

We went to Fujiyoshi in Shizuoka-ken on the recommendations of this website...I can tell you
that the review was highly was a five star experience. We have been to many onsens,
good and bad and Fujiyoshi is one of the best in terms of service, meal quality and number of onsen baths.
I will write a full report on Fujiyoshi on another post.

This website gives great insight for reviews on travel sights in Japan...very in-depth for locals and
frequent visitors. The onsen magazines in Japan offer nice pictures but it is almost impossible to
pick an onsen when you have 10,000 choices. Nice to see a website that cuts through the noise.

Any suggestions on onsens/ryokans in Ise or in Mie-ken is most appreciated.

#2:  Re: Suggestions for onsen in Ise or Mie-ken? Author: sanji

First of all,

Thanks for your nice words on Secret-Japan. It is really great to see that the information posted here is useful to people traveling around Wink

Fujiyoshi in Shizuoka-ken is indeed a place I found amazing. At least their onsen, as I did not stay there overnight. I am looking forward to reading your report on this ryokan.

For Mie-ken, I can't be very useful for you. I have been there several times, but never soaked in this prefecture. From what I have heard, Mie-ken is not really the best place for onsen in Japan.

There are two onsen town that I heard of in Mie-ken, and those are Nagashima-onsen (長島温泉) and Yunoyama-onsen (湯のは山温泉). As I said, I have not been there... Hopefully someone else will be more useful!


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