Kyoto- what to do at night

#1:  Kyoto- what to do at night Author: étoile


We have been visiting Kyoto, mostly temples, the Imperial Palace, gardens and some museums. We have gone to restaurants on Gion in the evening with a Japanese friend. We walked throught the Philosophers path in the evening, it was beautiful.

Are there places we should not miss while being here?. What would you recommend to do in the evenings? The tourist office suggested the illuminated temples. Kabuki is too long, Noh seems to be in the afternoon, a long show. We are coming back to Kyoto in a week.

I thank you again for your kind attention and great help,

All the best

#2:  Re: Kyoto- what to do at night Author: AllYouCanJapan

You could have dinner with a Maiko or Geisha, but other than that and walking around the center and Gion there is not much to do there.

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#3:  Re: Kyoto- what to do at night Author: Amano

Hello Etoile !

For your evenings, have you considered strolling around Arashi-yama ? The surroundings of the Togestu bridge and the Hozu river are a very nice place to spend a hot summer evening. Wink You might already have it but the JNTO pamphlet for Kyoto - Kyoto Walks - is a must have for your peregrinations in the old capital and you will have all the information you need to reach Arashi-yama.

You might already know Nara but it's also a very nice place to walk around in the evening : many places are deliciously lighten and are worth the - small - train trip from Kyoto (juste check the time of the last train Razz ). Enjoy !

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