Setagaya restaurants

#1:  Setagaya restaurants Author: Olrik

Ivan Ramen - Ramen

Address: 3-24-7 Minamikarasuyama Setagaya-ku Tokyo 157-0067 Japan
TEL: 03(6750)5540
Opening Hours: 17:30~22:30 (week days) - 11:30~17:30 (week end)
Menu: English & Japanese

Here it goes with the new "ramen" sensation in Tokyo ! Since Ivan Orkin became a star of the noodle broth, the place is often crowded by japanese and foreigner in need of "sluurp" !

Ivan, like in his favourite movie "Tampopo", trained himself and his co-worker team, to offer you a Ramen of it's own ! Try it, you will not be deceived. The Shio (salt) ramen and his toppings, are quite one of the best i've tried in Tokyo, and like nowhere, you can chat in english with Ivan about this "slow food... fast" concept, or if you prefere remain silent and appreciate your pork like a monk, just try to stay impassive while listening the (good) rock'n'roll selection of the place !

The location is quite difficult to reach from center Tokyo, stuck in front of a butcher shop and old tobacco vendor, but believe me, it got all the charm of this kind of restaurant: the small but quiet life of a tokyo quarter ! Definitely a place where Juzo Itami would loved to eat !

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