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Shinjuku - Fusion food & others



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Bodegon-Tei (ぼでごん亭) *****

Address - 東京都新宿区新宿3-7-5 (Access : 2 minutes from exit C3 at Shinjuku san-chome) 
Opening hours - 17:00-01:00
Telephone - 03-3354-6945
Menu - In Japanese only
Credit Cards - OK

This is a true find! A restaurant opened 35 years ago, in a very cute building whose walls are covered by vegetation. The restaurant spreads on three floors, with inside walls made of bricks and old US-bar types artifacts. Sitting on sofas, small tables or counter. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to describe the atmosphere - or even the type of food served there! It is not really fusion food, but I had no idea where to put it!

It would seems that the place has seldom changed since the 70s. The food would be izakaya-type, which means typical small dishes you share among the guests, but there is for example not sushi nor sashimi! Among favorites are spareribs (700 yen), nasi goren (650 yen), pizzas, pork dishes, grilled udon - a very eclectic menu, with unbelievable low prices (most dishes are between 400 and 700 yen only). The drink menu is also incredibly affordable - where in Shinjuku do you get cocktails for 400 yen?

You don't know what to choose? A friendly staff will help you to select some of their best dishes.
For 2 persons, our addition stayed well below 4000 yen - a truly unique bargain.

Internet (gnavi) -, with a great coupon discount

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